• Encourage, promote, and support ballroom dancing as an art form to enrich the livesof all participants

  • Support and promote ballroom dance music

  • Preserve and support ballroom dancing by sponsoring ballroom dances throughout the community.




7448 Greenville Avenue

Dallas, Texas


Sokol is located on the southeast quadrant of Greenville and Walnut Hill, east of Central Expressway. The facility itself is not visible from any direction. If you are traveling east on Walnut Hill, there is an entrance on your right just before you get to the convenience store. Once you have crested the hill of the entrance, Sokol will be visible. There is also an entrance off Greenville, next to Calloway’s Nursery.




  • You are welcome to bring snacks for your table.

  • Water and ice are not provided, but are available from the bar for $2/pitcher.

  • Due to Texas liquor laws, you may not bring alcohol when we dance at this location.

  • You may purchase drinks from the bar.




We have both a Summer and a Winter Dress Code. Many of our dances have a theme, and you may always dress the theme. No Jeans, T-Shirts or excessively revealing clothing, please.

Winter Dress Code:

  • Ladies: Formal Dressy or After 5
  • Gentlemen: Coat & Tie or Tuxedo

Summer Dress Code:

(May, June, July and August)
  • Ladies: Dressy Casual or After 5
  • Gentlemen: Dress Shirt (long or short-sleeved), Dress Slacks, Coat & Tie Optional




  • President: Tommy Quon
  • Vice President: Linda Henrie
  • Secretary: Doris Sivernell
  • Treasurer: Lauri Miller
  • Parliamentarian: Gail Horne
  • Membership: Pam Pewitt
  • Program & Entertainment: Reese Fuentez
  • Newsletter/Publicity: Elaine Foster
  • Dance Host: Virginia Roberts
  • Reservations:
  • Assistant to the Board: Shirley Houston