President’s June Message: 06/01/2021


Dear MMDCC/Ballroom Dance Dallas Members,

After 14 months of isolation, staying home, wearing masks and social distancing, we were finally able to hold a dance on Saturday, May 15th, for our return to dancing and socializing with friends.  The attendance for this dance greatly exceeded our expectations as we had 170 attendees plus the members of DFW MusicMakers who provided great live music for our event.

Thank you to our members and guests for attending and supporting our dances.  Thank you to the Membership Committee, former Presidents and Board Members who have served and volunteered their time.   You have all served to keep our club and ballroom dances alive and well.  We appreciate your dedication and efforts.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the ones who cannot join us now.   Some of our dear friends have passed away and others are having health issues.  We have lost wonderful friends, several band leaders, and musicians.  We will always have fond memories of them and miss them. 

During the break at our May 15th dance, we had an election for the 2021 Board.  The Nominating Committee, Alice Jenkins, Jane Polan and Carol Scott, and advisor Linda Henrie, nominated Virginia Roberts to be Dance Host Coordinator and Elaine Foster to be Newsletter and Publicity Director, along with returning board members.  The Membership approved the 2021 Board
by acclamation vote.

Our agenda for the next year is to increase our membership by seeking new members - especially younger demographics.  We will appeal to Country Club dance members, college students (SMU, North Texas, etc.), USA Dance members, and ask local dance studios to send their members to support our dances.  We will advertise our club and dances on multimedia (Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, BubbleLife, Groupon, and other media) to entice new dancers who have moved to our community in and around the DFW Metro.

We are looking to feature couples for Spotlight Dances at some of our dances (Social Dancers, Pro- Am Dancers, or Pro Dancers).  More information is in our monthly newsletters, and on our website,  The new website is a good place to catch up on news and see pictures of our dance events taken by Ron Turner, our Resident Photographer.  Ron has volunteered his time for years to the entire dance community, and I want to thank him on behalf of the board and members of Ballroom Dance Dallas.

As a result of the pandemic and cancelled dances in 2020 the Board has decided to allow the 2020 memberships to roll over for the rest of 2021.  I am happy to report that we are off to a great start.  As of May 15 2021, we currently have 181 members, of which 67 are new members, 3 Platinum Lifetime Sponsor Members, and 12 are One-Year Sponsor Members.  We have raised approximately $12.000. in Membership and Sponsorship dollars so far!! 

I am asking for everyone’s support to ensure the health and survival of this club and to make ballroom dancing a wonderful experience for everyone.  You can help us by becoming a Member or Sponsor Member. Please join us and bring your friends for fun evenings of camaraderie with great Live Band Music and wonderful social dancing.  I pray that we are all blessed with good health and good dancing!

Love, Peace and Happiness!
Tommy Quon, President
MMDCC / Ballroom Dance Dallas


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