Ballroom Dance Dallas



Sponsor Member: $250

  • 12 Months (1 Year) Membership and Admission
  • 1/4 Page Ad

Silver Sponsor Member: $500

  • 24 Months (2 Years) Membership and Admission
  • 1/2 Page Ad

Gold Sponsor Member: $1,000

  • 60 Months (5 Years) Membership and Admission
  • Full Page Ad

Platinum Lifetime Membership: $2,500

  • Lifetime Membership and Admission
  • Full Page Ad




Support Ballroom Dancing Sponsor Membership includes listing on Sponsor Page in the annual Ballroom Dance Dallas Yearbook, Embossed ID Card, and no admission fee at dances per expiration date. If sponsors are already members the initial membership fee will be prorated and deducted from the sponsorship cost. The sponsorship will begin with the dance in the month of purchase and end with the dance the month of expiration. Corporate Sponsor Members will receive a numbered ID card listed in the corporate name and can be used by any person. Each ID card is good for one admission per expiration date. Sponsors will receive advertising in the yearbook. Sponsor and Silver Sponsors will receive ¼ page ads for one to two years. Gold Sponsors will receive ½ page ads for 5 years. Platinum Lifetime Sponsors will receive full page ads for 10 years including annual listing on the Sponsor page in the Yearbook for the life of the club. All Sponsor Members receive notices of each upcoming dance as well as a monthly newsletter by mail or e-mail. Sponsor Members also receive our yearbook which lists fellow club members with addresses, phone numbers and other information. Any Sponsor/Member may request not to publish certain information.


Need more information or have questions, please contact:
Tommy Quon, President
(214) 704-5740